Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Continuing the Anglican theme

The Rt. Rev William Meade, D.D.
Our next book is going to be a short piece by the 19th century bishop of Virginia, The Rt. Rev. William Meade.  I don't think you can find it anywhere else; I'm working from an original edition.  It will be entitled Reasons for Loving Evangelical Anglicanism.  It was originally published in 1852 under the title Reasons for Loving the Episcopal Church by the Protestant Episcopal Society for the Promotion of Evangelical Knowledge.  I am going to write a preface, introducing the bishop and the work, and include an Appendix providing his dying words, which are in his biography.  It will be interesting to read how the good bishop expounds the values of "evangelical" Anglicanism over against the Tractarian movement and other influences he considers unhelpful.

The original table of contents is as follows:


Brief History of the P. E. Church
Principle on which the Reformation was Conducted
Worship of the Church
Doctrine of the Church
Discipline of the Church
The Church not Perfect
Appendix: Showing that the English and Continental Reformer were perfectly agreed as to the principle on which the Reformation was conducted.  


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